Cost for a Vinyl Car Wrap is considerably less than a comparable paint job.


Chrome Delete 

Achieve a different outlook with a minimal change. Just by wrapping the chrome parts to Gloss Black or even do some custom design on it to have a whole new look! Using only Premium and Quality Wraps we are here to provide you with the best works.



-Window Frame


-Side Mirrors

-Front Lip

-Boot Lips

Chrome Delete Services Starting from $20.00




Premium High Gloss Roof Wrap

A simple and reversible wrap to protect and enhance the overall outlook of your car. Using only selected premium Vinyls to ensure the best quality for your ride and peace of mind. Proper procedures to ensure the perfect finish matched with our trained Wrap Specialists.

Price Starting from $150/Roof 

Half-Cut Wrap Designs

We are here to stay. Aiming to be the best, not second. An unique blend of custom works and maximum effort from our team of specialists at Arch Performance. Half Cut Bape with Satin Black with Chrome Gold Lining Wrapped on the Sleek Body of Volkwagen Scirocco. Every Detail and Procedure taken to achieve only the best. 


Emblem Wraps

A Simple and Reversible method to change the colors of your Logo to a different look. Simple Yet Satisfying.

Logo From $40/Pc (Inclusive of Removal to wrap and reinstallations)


Alcantara Wraps

Genuine Black Alcantara upholstery done on BMW M3 Roof . Even on Volvo S60 Interior Trims to alcantara for a extravagant finish!

Priced from only $60/panel Minimum Downtime guaranteed with the best finish for your car! 


Headlight Tints

A simple way to enhance your overall outlook of your vehicle! Extra protection on the road from stone chips and yet looking sleek from afar!

Priced from $60/pair of headlight!


Forge Carbon Wraps

Latest Series for 2020 !

High Gloss Forged Carbon Vinyl Wrap !

Exclusive Vinyl !

From interior Trims to exterior Wrap !

Mix and match to your liking and style !

With proper dismantling of your parts to ensure maximum coverage by our Wrap Specialist you can only enjoy the beauty of wraps


Key Wraps

Bored or tired of the standard Car key outlook? Standout from the rest with the smallest change on your Keys! *Only Smooth Surface able to wrap Additional protection for your keys and worry free from scratches too! Full Range of Colors available to your own personal choice and preference!

Bumper Quick Release Clip

Misaligned Bumper , Loose brackets ?

We offer a new sturdy solution for you!

With custom aluminium materials to provide maximum holding strength and durability !

Ease of removing your bumper with just a quick push too!